Alliance for Bright Future

Alliance for a Bright Future

Major Activities

  • Capacity building for selected program target groups on job creation opportunities

  • Economic empowerment & income-generating schemes

  • Social Services

  • Facilitating dialogue and advocacy

  • Basic life skills trainings for girls

  • Organizing meetings and workshops in various thematic areas

  • HIV/AIDS awareness & care and support interventions

  • Working on peace and security in collaboration with the concerned actors

Geographic Coverage

ABF has planned to implement its program in Addis Ababa, Oromia, Tigrai , Amhara & Southern peoples nations & nationalities regions and plans to scale up phase by phase to other corridors of the country.

Target Groups

  • Women, girls, youth and children

  • Government sectors at all levels, religious and social institutions (CBOs, FBOs, opinion leaders, etc.) and various media outlets

  • Higher institutions and students at all levels

  • The disadvantaged community members (street children, people with disabilities, etc.)